SaaS Risk & Security Firms Announce Cross-Border Partnership

The integration will produce a holistic actionable intelligence & situational awareness solution

HALIFAX – MARCH 20, 2018 – LifeRaft, a leading open source intelligence provider for the corporate security industry, is pleased to announce its technology will be integrated into CSX, the leading situational awareness product from global risk solution provider, PlanetRisk.

This integration will provide open source intelligence coverage to enhance existing global security operations, offering a single solution to meet the needs of Corporate Security Teams for global risk and threat monitoring intelligence and analytics.

PlanetRisk’s Corporate Security Risk (CSX) platform is designed to help security professionals protect physical assets, offices, products, and people when attacks are imminent domestically and globally. With LifeRaft’s comprehensive data sets and advanced link analysis, the integrated CSX product will enable teams to take several data points and understand the context surrounding critical events or threats.

“Our technology has always been designed to deliver a single source of easily accessible and accurate information,” says Matt Tirman, Chief Commercial Officer at PlanetRisk. “With this integration, we’re providing more intelligence to do just that – giving you immediate insight into threats and risks specific to your organization’s requirements.”

As a part of this partnership, LifeRaft will endorse and support PlanetRisk as a trusted managed service provider for companies needing situational awareness but lacking the internal resources to monitor for security intelligence themselves.

“We always align ourselves with the most forward thinking, experienced, and well-respected companies,” says LifeRaft CEO, John Gallinaugh. “This integration demonstrates our commitment to only the best partnerships for our customers and for our company.”

LifeRaft has been working closely with the Canadian Trade Commissioners office in the US as an alumni of the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in New York City, and the current Boston cohort. The CTA program helps companies bolster market penetration in the United States.



Melissa Cooper
Communications Manager, LifeRaft


Halifax SaaS Company Closes $1.45M in Non-Dilutive Series A Funding Round

The raise was led by established NS-native banking executive to fuel the start-up’s growth

HALIFAX – October 5th, 2017 – LifeRaft, a leading open source intelligence provider for the corporate security industry, is pleased to announce the addition of former Group Head and Chief Executive Officer of Global Banking & Markets at The Bank of Nova Scotia, Mike Durland, as a major investor and strategic advisor to the company.
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5 Tips to Find Corporate Data Leaks Online

What to search and where to search when you suspect a data leak

Every day there seems to be another article shared about a data leak or breach of private or public organizations; from email addresses, passwords, login credentials, to employee IDs going viral. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee leaking sensitive data or competitors who have hacked and posted product specs – it’s bad news for everyone at the company.
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Social Engineering and You

What your employees do online can make them a target for social engineering.

Let’s talk about social engineering. In the context of information security, it is defined as “the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.” – Google Dictionary
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Security Game Changer

Digital media has changed the game for fans, artists, athletes, and now security personnel. In a world where tens of thousands of fans gather each week to see their favorite teams or bands play in major venues around the world, threats to security and patron safety have never been higher.
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The War on Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drugs

Widespread access to internet chat boards, paste sites, and classifieds has impacted the distribution of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) article, “Medicines: counterfeit medicines,” falsified medical products are manufactured in regions and countries all over the world. This fact is supported by the abundance of content advertising counterfeit pharmaceuticals on the web.
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Financial Security & The Deep Web: Why Social Doesn’t Cut It

Information can easily, and often anonymously, be leaked from internal corporate files to anonymous deep-web sites such as Pastebin, Github, and 4Chan. Hackers and employees are finding sensitive corporate data such as product, account, or insider information and sharing it online; then promoting it through mainstream social media channels. Without access to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, banks and financial institutions are often caught in a vulnerable position – many times unknowingly.
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